Melbourne Water supports Inflatable Regatta to keep waterways litter-free

This year, Melbourne Water is proud to support the Inflatable Regatta, a community event celebrating one of Melbourne’s scenic waterways.

Heidi Ryan, EGM of Customer Community & External Affairs at Melbourne Water said, the Inflatable Regatta celebrates Melbourne’s iconic rivers and creeks.

“We share the best backyard in Melbourne. Our natural landscape is characterised by its iconic rivers and creeks. Every year, more than 90 million people visit our waterways. Rivers and creeks such as the Yarra (Birrarung) make our city such a great place to live.”

The Inflatable Regatta, on Saturday 9 December along the Yarra River (Birrarung) in Hawthorn, is an exciting opportunity for people to paddle their way through the picturesque waterway, taking in the breathtaking scenery and enjoying a day of fun-filled activities on the water.

During the Inflatable Regatta, Melbourne Water will be hosting an interactive activity to capture memories and raise awareness about litter’s impact on our waterways.

“We invite everyone to visit our photo booth during the event and use the hashtag #MakeLitterExtinct to share their photos and experiences.”

“By sharing these moments, we can collectively inspire others to take action and make a positive impact on our environment,” said Ms Ryan.
Littering has become a significant environmental issue, harming our waterways, wildlife, and ecosystems. To protect our precious natural resources, Melbourne Water is educating individuals and encouraging responsible litter disposal.

“It is through events such as Inflatable Regatta that people can experience the river, learn about litter, and hopefully be empowered to make informed choices and take proactive steps towards reducing litter and preserving our natural resources,” explains Ryan.

Melbourne Water encourages everyone to participate in this year’s Inflatable Regatta and join us in celebrating the beauty and significance of Melbourne’s waterways. Together, we can create a community that values and cherishes these precious resources
for generations to come.

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