Australian-first Partnership with SportsGrad

Spark Event Group has partnered with SportsGrad to make it easier for talented graduates to break into the sports and events industries. Through a unique collaboration, young people now have a powerful springboard from casual work into full time careers.

Between Spark and SportsGrad, you can get work experience at the biggest events in the world, rapidly increase your network with national bodies and elite teams, know the best tried and tested methods to job hunt in sport, and land your dream full-time job through industry partners.

When you start uni, you can get casual work through Spark and finish with a dream job through SportsGrad.

For those already working with Spark, it opens up greater networking and engagement opportunities across sports, events and entertainment. Plus event organisers will gain access to an additional pool of motivated grads who drive their casual opportunities. Internally, Spark also benefits from streamlining job, recruitment and placement operations.

Sportsgrad grads will now get priority access to work at events like the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and Australian Open.

Between the two of us, grads have an accessible and comprehensive place to receive world-class work experience, networking, up-skilling, and full-time employment.

The collaboration makes great sense for both of us as the purpose of the organisations is the same – to help people get jobs in sports and events. Plus provide the experience and skills required to do so.

We have seen the challenges grads find in kick-starting their careers in sport and events.

We believe it’s critical that there’s a framework and platform so sport can keep up with the clear trajectories of industries like law and commerce, and students can feel confident about their career choice.