Rey Berkin

Event Manager

Experienced in event operations with a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry, Rey has been working at Spark for nearly 3 years, showcasing his skills in event planning, procurement, site management and customer service.

Currently Rey works on all the various aspects of the event industry, ranging from equipment logistics at our Warehouse, to working with professional sporting teams and Venues.  His day will depend on what event or project he is working on – it generally entails liaising with stakeholders, contractor management, updating event plans and annoying the rest of the Event Management team.

Here’s what Rey has to say about his job…

What do you love about your role?

The opportunities are far and wide here at Spark – and do they come knocking!Every day is different, and we are always passionate about the projects we work on. Amongst all the various events and exciting adventures we have here at Spark, the thing that stands out is the fun times I have with the people I work with. They are all amazing professionals, just the best.

Why do you enjoy working in Events?

All the wonderful people you meet and work with and all the exciting challenges that come with event planning. The problem-solving, the teamwork. Seeing it all come together and soaking up the Event Day energy!!

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