Tammy Pullaperuma

Talent Acquisition & Engagement Coordinator

Tammy is always on the hunt to find exceptionally talented individuals who have a passion for events, a natural flare for customer engagement, and a can-do attitude. Having just come off a large recruitment drive for the FIFA World Cup, Tammy is always looking to give individuals an opportunity to grow and develop skills in the event industry.

She also focuses on workforce engagement making sure our workforce feels appreciated and valued for their hard work and contribution to our workforce team culture.

Here’s what Tammy has to say about her job…

What do you love about working at Spark?

I love that I get to wake up and go to a job that I am passionate about with a work culture that values and respects diversity. There’s always something new to learn, people to engage and experiences to gain by working in the event industry.

Why do you enjoy working in Events?

Why not events! Each event is different to another, it’s a dynamic industry with engaging and vibrant personalities who you meet on a daily basis.

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